Monday, January 25, 2010

Unexpected Blessings

I took my mom to the airport today for her flight home to Oregon. She had been here to watch my two youngest while my eldest and I made a mission trip to India.
Due to medical reasons, our trip was cut short when we reached New Jersey. My daughter and I were forced to return to Texas by train. These totally unforeseen circumstances resulted in many unexpected blessing for my family. First, my daughter and I (though very sad and a bit confused about not getting to go to Sarah's) were given the opportunity to spend some very quiet, one on one time with each other. She is almost fourteen. I realize that she is nearly grown! I'll blink again, and she may be out of the house!!! (ouch) We made many memories together as we traveled home and I will always cherish our "unexpected adventure".
The second blessing was that I spent a week with my mother, who came to watch my other children in our absence. I had not seen her in a year and a half.
This visit was especially wonderful to me because this past year she went through chemotherapy, and so we are keenly aware that each day with her is a very special gift.
I do not always understand God's ways, but I do always trust Him.
"A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps."- Proverbs 16:9

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What We Don't See

Let me be a stitch in the eternal fabric being woven by God.

Lord, thank you for letting me see today that you are taking my simple responses and using them for your eternal purposes. Thank you for using me in spite of me! Help me to be as pliable clay in your hands, and a vessel for your use.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Post

Gosh...I don't really have time for this anymore. This is way I gave it up months ago. But since I'm posting comments on blogs, I figure someone might pop in over here and wonder why this blog died.
I don't know if it is dead yet or just comatose. Between homeschooling, running a bookstore,etc. Well, you get it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Kind of Fever

I'm doing some research on some symptoms that I've been experiencing lately and I think that I can safely say that I have fallen under the influence of what many call "chicken fever". It must be a real illness because if you google it, it pops up on the screen, page after page..."chicken fever".
It all started many years ago when my husband brought home 7 books on homesteading. Anytime he wants to do anything, he buys all the books he can find on the subject. This may have something to do with why we have a bookstore now. But for years now I have devoured these books., especially the chapters on gardening, chickens and goats. My real symptoms started the day that my husband finally gave into my request to buy myself a few laying hens. I was as shocked as can be when he agreed to let his father build me a coupe and yard during their visit from Indiana recently. My father-in-law wasted no time getting my "neat as a pin coupe and yard" built. Those were Buddy's exact words..."It must be as neat as a pen. I don't want to look like pwt." I had to laugh. (This was the same weeks he moved his "been on the bottom of the lake" sailboat into our driveway!) So, Buddy's dad made sure the coupe and yard looked cute.
It IS so cute..and yes I am aware that it sounds weird to be so enamored with my coupe and hens...but they are simply lovely. I can't help but stand at my kitchen window in the morning and watch them scratch and peck, while I sip my morning Chai-tea (because I am TRYING to give up coffee, but that is another post entirely).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Fever

It's upon us once again. Spring, glorious has arrived in our corner of Texas. I called my mom in Oregon (where it was snowing today) to gloat about my irises, which are in full bloom and to tell her that the kids were in the pool twice last week ( personally I think they are crazy).
Yes...spring is here...and unlike every other living thing I'm plum wore out!
I'm so tired! This time change thing always messes with me . It normally takes a week to get my body back into the swing of things. It probably doesn't help that I haven't slept for more than 5 hrs. any of of past 4 nights... or that we are in the height of allergy season...the trees are all in bloom. I went out to my black Yukon this morning wasn't black anymore it was YELLOW (no joke).
I went into Wal-mart tonight to pick up a few things for the bookstore and found myself wondering once again through the gardening section...this will be my detour for the next 4 months. I had promised myself this year that I wasn't going to purchase anything that wasn't edible. I have been gardening for many years now and can lay down some serious cash during this season. Being in a recession and all I decided to grow some food, which I attempt every year, but have never succeeded to get even enough veggies for a single salad! So I picked up some more tomato plants...can't ever have enough of those...besides last year I planted six plants and harvested 2...count them 2 this year I have now planted 22 plants...which if I apply last years math to this years tomato plants, I can expect to reap 7.3 tomatoes this summer. LOL, maybe I should plant some more?
Okay so back to my trip to the garden section. I also picked up some zucchini, and some yellow squash, and an oregano plant, because I killed my 6 year old plant when I moved it. Oh yeah...and I bought a flat of nice big yellow marigolds. I figured that the marigolds don't count against my declaration that I would only plant edibles, seeing that you CAN eat marigold flowers... or so I've read in my Country Living Magazine. So I didn't break my rule for this gardening season...yet. I don't know why I make up stupid rules for myself and force myself to do things I don't want to do, and go without doing things I want to do. I guess it is called self-discipline. Something my parents taught me I suppose.- Cherie

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Top 10 Blessings of This Last Week

#10 - We ate 19 meals at home this week (or made at home and packed to eat on the road!). ..only 2 were eaten out.
#9- I managed to catch a glimpse of the bottom of the laundry hamper ( even if it was only for 12 short hours).
#8- My Valentine remembered me!
#7- We got rid of one of our sailboats, saving $80 in marina fees/mo.
#6- We had a great week at the bookstore.
#5- Everyone was healthy this week...with the exception of an outbreak of poison ivy that required a shot, but is no bother now!
#4- My sister called me today...we rarely connect. It was good to hear that she is doing well.
#3- Mom's second round of chemo seems to have gone well. She has remained healthy and chipper this time around. Praise the Lord!
#2- My Valentine still has a job! With such an uncertain economy and so many out of work, I am continually humbled and grateful by the way that God has provided for us well beyond our needs.
#1- God's grace was sufficient to face all the other things that happened during this past week that seemed more trying... "For we know that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose."Rom.8:28

Friday, February 6, 2009

"Call 911"

"Call 911", I screamed at my father-in-law as I rushed into my house in attempts to find the source of the dense charcoal haze. Just seconds later I emerged from the house with a large skillet of charcoal chicken stir fry. How it happened will always haunt me.
It wasn't a crazy busy day. I had almost finished schooling the kids when I had to go out and "put out a fire" at the bookstore. Upon my return home, I was a little embarrassed to find that my mother-in-law had totally cleaned my laundry room, which was a COMPLETE disaster area. I had intended on giving it a good cleaning that night while everyone was asleep. I might also have
been a little psyched-out by her reorganizing my pantry items with all the labels facing out and in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. But tonight would be the night that I would show off MY skills. I had just finished cooking up an Asian masterpiece, of which we would all soon be partakers... right after a quick trip to our store.
I drove away from the house feeling confident that THIS trip I would show my mother-law that I could successfully juggle the many hats that I had come to wear since having married her son 17 years ago. I was sure that the use of my time management skills, which my husband would like me to employ more often than JUST when his parent are around, would surely pay off. Buddy would NOT have to take us out to dinner, and I would avoid having to hear my mother-in-law remind me about how much money we would save if we didn't eat out so much...yada, yada, yada. ( I write this in love and fun. She reads my blog.) Back to my I would prove myself a time-management success...HA!
I showed them our labor of love (the bookstore/coffee shop), we drank lattes and shut down the shop. Stir fried Chicken, here we come...
As I approached the door to my house, I could hear the alarms. I was bewildered by the thick black smoke. Not seeing flames I rushed in to find the source...there sat my Asian masterpiece still cooking!
We didn't eat out that night. We had ham sandwiches. I'm sure that there is some lesson to be learned, although I still don't know what it is! Pray for me though, my house smells like a huge bag of charcoal.